Welcome to Tech! Tech! Bang! Bang!

Welcome to Tech! Tech! Bang! Bang! (Or, TTBB! for short.) We’ll admit it doesn’t look like much right now, but rest assured, we are working to remedy that. We’ll be under construction for the next few weeks, as we have full time employment elsewhere, and we have to feed our cats.

We’ll be supplying tech news form all around the world, and will include Apple, Android, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and any other kind of news that strikes our fancy. (Yes, we have a fancy, and we’re rather proud of it. It’s quite magnificent… When seen in the proper lighting.)

Our goal is to build a stop along the Intertubes where you can find the latest in tech news, reviews, opinions, and just plain fun. You’ll find we’re not very politically correct, and we may offend you. So get you safe places and security blankets ready, because we’re here, and we aren’t going anywhere soon.

Tech! Tech! Bang! Bang! will not succeed if we don’t please you, the reader. Rest assured, we won’t kiss your ass to keep you coming back, but we will make you think, and hopefully spur you to participate in this new world we’re building here. Please feel free to comment on our posts, and tell us what you like, and don’t like.